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I had angels in my ears [entries|friends|calendar]
feeling left out fans of the world unite!

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"i never knew things could be so slow..." [September 23 2007
♥ 5:49pm ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

in august, joe played my birthday & i have finally got around to posting the videos
(they were too big for youtube & myspace, so thank god for music nation)

so tada - august 18th at bar matchless in brooklyn

two of these feature the amazing jessi robertson
check out her stuff & her videos on my youtube

Downtown Oakland (my possible favorite track of the new stuff)

Flux (w/jessi)

Seatle (w/jessi)

Facing The Wall


2wish me luck

[July 19 2007
♥ 10:25pm ]

700,000 hits on purevolume resulted in a new song on the purevolume & myspace page.

check it out & enjoy it.

oh &...
show saturday night in brooklyn.
8pm at the new & impoved bar 4.

wish me luck

holy cow [May 14 2007
♥ 10:55pm ]

it's been ages!

just want to say hi again to everyone in the flofans community! i haven't been here in a long time and i feel really guilty about that. i see we've gained some new members in the last few months which is pretty sweet!

so let's see what's been going on lately... i have a really big show this friday with bayside in NJ on may 18. it's the only acoustic show they're doing and i got a call asking to open for them. can't beat that ay? if you're in the area, please come out to the show. i play at 8:15.

i've been recording new songs for the past 2 months. i'm taking my time with these songs, i'm actually writing them as i record them which is pretty interesting. tonite i just wrote a new song, so i will most likely go record it within the week to see how it sounds. it's a new approach i'm trying.

hmm what else? ah i'm doing a very small midwestern tour in june, just a few shows. i'm taking the trip with my broham to visit some friends, so it's like a mini-tour/vacation. which is really what every tour turns into.

i think that's about all the up to date news. write back and let's catch up ok? it's been too long.

talk to you all soon!

5wish me luck

[December 28 2006
♥ 7:29am ]

Who the heck is this?!


ps, where is everybody?
wish me luck

"and i'm sleeping alone in a house i don't own..." [September 17 2006
♥ 8:24pm ]

[ mood | pleased ]

yay for some AP.net love link


wish me luck

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