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I had angels in my ears

singing my own memories back to me

feeling left out fans of the world unite!
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This is a community for the band Feeling Left Out.

It's 2001.
Enter 2 friends looking for a reason to play together.
Add a 4 song demo and weekend tours in a Jeep Cherokee.
Subtract a relationship ending.
Add a 6 song EP about said relationship ending.
Add another relationship beginning.
East Coast Tour in a Jeep Cherokee.
Add another 6 song EP about said new relationship..
East Coast/Midwest Tours in a 1988 GMC Safari.
Add a full length, promotion, a record label, and nationwide distribution.
More tours.
Add an 8 song EP and a crazy amount of pre-orders.
Summer tour including the West Coast.
Subtract a member.
Subtract another relationship ending.
What's left?
Feeling Left Out has slowly but surely turned into my solo venture into the unknown. I'm finding that playing on my own has given me the most freedom I've ever had as a musician. I've met some unbelievable people and have made some of the best fans a musician can ever ask for. To all the kids writing asking me to not stop playing, don't worry, I still have many songs left in me and plan on sharing them with you all. So let's get this party started.
[Joe Wilson]